Living the Dream

Hungarian Killer Dwarfs - in the making

Calleigh Scooper and Patrick Keezy are Hollywood’s most favorite Duo. Movies like “The Gas Station Dilemma”, “The Lack of Intolerance” and “Dante Speaks” skyrocketed them to fame and made them household names around the world.

Coming from a very small town in the middle of nowhere, they both discovered their love for acting at a very early age. After graduating from high school, they both left their hometown to study acting at the same drama school. During this time, they lived together as roommates which was anything but glamorous.

“Living the Dream” could be a sitcom or a movie that takes a closer look at Patrick and Calleigh’s rise to stardom. Focusing on their lives as roommates and all the funny, weird and heartbreaking moments they experienced during their time in drama school.


Thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to read the following.
We would like to introduce ourselves. We are nerds, movie addicts, sitcom junkies, foodies, hard workers and superheroes …yes. Totally. Absolutely…yep.

A few years ago we got accepted at the same drama school and that’s where we first met each other. During our time in drama school we had a lot of funny, hilarious, also sad and unique experiences and have been wanting to share those with the world for quite some time now.

We are huge fans of American television, especially sitcoms and comedies.
So the idea was to combine our drama school stories with our love for sitcoms and ta-dah: here we go!

Everything you see here has been written and handmade by the two of us. All of it. Basically with no budget. We wanted to show you an idea of what kind of story we want to tell. Now we’re hoping that somebody with the right resources finds us, and will turn our story into a real pilot or a movie…with a bigger budget and actors who fit the parts. Someone who would like to work with us and further develop our idea.

Or maybe you’re reading this and you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody…

Give us a hint! Tell somebody! We would love to see this happening!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

Claudia and Peter

To unlock the exciting 17 Minutes Pilot of our Sitcom/Movie and more information about our idea, the characters and some hilarious outtakes, please contact us and we will give you the free password.

The Characters


Adorable. Occasional Smartass. Great Dancer. Chubby. Loves Food. Ambitious. Very organized. Extroverted. Gay. Big Fan of Gloria Estefan. Wants to be an actor. Actually, has always wanted to be an actor. From a working class family in a very small town. Only Child. Very supportive parents. Calleigh’s best friend since they were teenagers.


Natural beauty. Very sweet. Wants to be an actress despite being shy and introverted. Can’t dance but a very talented singer. Very emotional and an ugly crier. Messy. Hates most extroverted people (actors) besides Patrick. Has an almost unhealthy obsession with Dolph Lundgren. Comes from the same small town and a working class family. Has 5 very successful siblings who constantly tease her about her career choice. Patrick’s best friend since they were teenagers.


Patrick’s and Calleigh’s roommate. Socially awkward and weird. Rarely speaks. Loves Crispy food. He loves to party. Only loosens up when he is drunk. Apparently rich but nobody really knows what he does for a living. Doesn’t want to live alone. Found his roommates Calleigh and Patrick through an ad.


Thanks for unlocking our Episode and showing interest in our project!

This pilot is meant to give you guys an idea of what kind of story we want to tell. We’re hoping that somebody with the right resources will see this, and will want to turn our story into a real pilot or movie…with a bigger budget and actors who fit the parts.

The dream is to turn our idea into a whole season with multiple episodes or a movie that makes you laugh and cry with us. We really believe in the characters and the story we created and we have a clear vision of the direction they are heading to. Nonetheless we are still open for suggestions and new ideas. Ideally we would like to further develop our project with professional writers and producers.

Would you like to work with us? We are looking forward to hearing from you.